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By 7020223653 22 Mar, 2017
So I'm just a regular gal.   I've never considered myself creatively talented in ANY way....(just ask my husband about my whiz bang culinary skills.....NOT).   I'm almost 50 years old and kinda figured I've peaked with knowing what my skill sets are.   My mom is an accomplished artist-- I received NONE of those artsy genes.    My Dad is a masterful teacher and mentor-- me?  Again, nada.     I'm way too impatient.     But when Janome released their new Janome Skyline 9 late last year and we set one up in the store to demonstrate to customers--- I got curious.    

With a little encouragement, I started to learn about what this combination Embroidery and high end sewing machine can really do.  Much to my surprise, I not only picked up on the very easy wifi compatible aspects, I really started to get into embroidery.    I started picking out designs online and downloading them into the Skyline 9 and sewing them out for display in the store.   My confidence grew!  I started to get creative with my thread color choices and fabric.    I started to have fun!

This positive experience got me thinking about venturing out into yet more unchartered territory--- I've decided to try my hand at quilting.   As  you may know, we are very fortunate to have several top notch quilting shops around the Twin City area.   I decided to stop by Quilt Cove in Eagan to check out their beautiful store and hopefully walk out with the fabric for my first quilt.  If you're a quilter and have never been there,  you've gotta go check it out.  Just looking at all the AMAZING quilts showcased along the walls makes Quilt Cove a must.  I talked to Sue (she and her husband, John, own the store) and after explaining my newbie status in the quilting world,  she wisely steered me towards the Jelly Roll quilting kits.  All pre-cut fabrics, perfectly coordinated. There's a You Tube video that walks you through the very simple process.  Nice--she laughed when I told her I HATE CUTTING fabric...she informed me that nobody "likes" cutting.   So long story short, I strode out of Quilt Cove with my batik-themed jelly roll fabric to make my very first quilt.   Then, I decided to buy myself a Skyline 9.

It was at this point, that I found out something just amazing about the Skyline 9.  So not only is it a wifi compatible combination embroidery and full featured sewing machine, it actually has built in embroidery designs that mimic free motion quilting!  I can actually make this quilt from start to finish, including making it look like I can free motion like a pro--- all using my Skyline 9!       I've heard several of the attendees of our monthly Sharing Classes say how they normally send out their quilts to a professional to finish up the free motion part.    Not if you have a Skyline 9.....and you get to brag that you "did the free motion" all by yourself.   : )  

Stay tuned for Part II of my Adventures of an Amateur----I'll continue to share my experiences with my new machine and my new creative outlet!    In the meantime, if you'd like to see more about all the jam-packed features of the Janome Skyline 9, check it out under the Embroidery Models on this website.   And as always, if you ever have any questions about machines or if we can be of help in any way, please don't hesitate to contact us at the store-- 952-881-0300.

Thanks for your business and happy sewing!

(posted 3/7/17)
Minneapolis Home & Garden Show a Big Success!!

Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth at the Home & Garden Show over the last 2 weekends!  

We all had a great time and were able to help so many of you find the Janome machine of your Dreams!  In fact, our Show Special Package Deals were such a hit, we've extended them all through March 15, 2017.

So if you are considering a new Janome-- NOW is the time to get the BEST DEALS!   And remember--we include FREE Lifetime Lessons on your machine for as long as you own it!

Just mention the Home & Garden Show package deals to take advantage of significant savings off List Pricing (we're an Authorized Janome Dealer so we get to do that!)

Going forward, we plan to participate in several upcoming Trade Shows, Fairs and other venues over the course of the year and hope to see YOU-- we will be sure to let you know where we're going to be "appearing" next right here, on our website and also on our Facebook page.

Speaking of our Facebook page, have you checked it out yet?   We regularly have fun posts like Trivia and Customer experiences--- not to mention ALL the upcoming Janome Promotions and all things new in Janome Land for you to take advantage of!

We invite you to "Like" our Facebook page and post your own Janome Story--anything from what you LOVE about your Janome machine to posting projects you've made on your machine.   Join our fun Facebook community and check back here often for all of the latest Valley West Sewing news, events and Special Deals!
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